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What to Know for Novices in Wax Sealing

by Kelly Tan

Wax seal had a greater importance back in the day, because it was used to seal off envelopes and ensure its authenticity or confidentiality as the letter gets handed to the rightful recipient. However, nowadays, since people no longer send out physical letters due to the advanced technology, we don’t really see wax seal used for that purpose anymore. Wax seal is more popularly used as decoration, such as for wedding invitation, for packaging, or simple for crafts. 

Not only that the uses of wax seal have quite shifted, the formula of it quite changes too. To learn more about it, read further below: 

1. Types of Wax 

Even though the traditional wax formula is still pretty much preserved until this day, there’s now another type of wax called the flexible blend. We’ll go over it one by one. 

2. Traditional Blend 

This type of wax is quite similar to the type of wax that was used a long time ago in the past. This wax is perfect to preserve confidentiality, thus it really hardens easily, but also breaks easily. This will be able to show you if your letter gets tampered with or not. However, due to this breakability, this type of wax seal is not good for mailing. Instead, it is good for sending letters that get delivered from hand to hand directly. 

3. Flexible Blend 

The flexible was has a mix of resin, thus it is more flexible and supple than the traditional wax type. It does not break as easy as the traditional wax and it can even be used for curved surfaces. 

Another thing that you need to learn about wax is that some come with wick, and some don’t. People might have different opinions on whether wicked wax or wickless wax is better. Some people think wicked wax is more convenient especially for the melting process due to the wick, but some other argue that it is bad because it leaves soot residue and wicked wax melts slower. You have to try it out on your own to learn your preferences regarding this. 

4. Equipment for Wax Sealing 

Wax sealing is quite simple. Depending on the type of wax that you choose, you can either use a wax sealing spoon or a glue gun. Some format of wax cannot be used with glue gun, and some cannot be melted with the wax seal spoon. You have to match the format of wax with the tool that you choose. Then, you simply need the wax seal stamp. This you can get it in a craft store, which are pre-made, or you can make your own stamp. 

If you are interested to make your own seal stamp, then you should first design what image or text you want to have on your stamp. Then, hand the design over to a stamp manufacturer. You only have to wait and then you will have your stamp ready in no time. 

This stamp is used simply by having it pressed down onto the surface of the wax as soon as it gets poured down onto the material or surface that you desire. Wait until it is cooled down and you will get the beautiful wax seal that you want.

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