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Printing Tips for Singapore Sticker Printing

by Kelly Tan

Being able to design stickers in an interesting and appealing way is important. However, you also have to consider the processing decisions that will affect the ease of printing and the final result. Knowing and implementing these tips can surely affect the quality of the sticker that you make.

1. Match Color Processing for Singapore sticker printing

In general, there are two types of color processing. First, the RGB color processing that uses red, green, and blue colors to produce many other colors. The other color processing is CMYK that uses cyan, magenta, yellow, and black colors. The RGB colors are commonly used in designing software that is displayed on the monitor. Meanwhile, CMYK colors are used by printer inks. It is important to know that there are slight differences between the colors that are produced by the RGB color processing and the CMYK color processing. RGB color processing tends to appear brighter compared to CMYK. If you design in RGB color and print in CMYK color, then there surely will be differences and inaccuracies. They may be slight, but there can also be cases where they are extreme. To avoid this mistake, you have to make sure that you design in CMYK color or convert the RGB color into CMYK before they are printed. This way, you can design and print accurately.

These two color processing are not the only available options. Actually, there is another option that is quite less common which is Pantone colors. Pantone colors are a lot more expensive compared to the other two, and it is especially good for the large solid color areas, unlike the others. Due to its cost, it is rarely used unless for large solid color areas. The trick to avoiding spending more money is by breaking up large areas in the design so that you can get a good result only using CMYK colors, processed in the more common way instead of having to use Pantone colors.

2. Permanence

The durability of stickers may vary depending on the type of ink you choose, the printing process, as well as paper stock. Some paper stock can only be processed by a certain type of ink. The decisions depend on the purpose of the sticker. For example, some types of paper stock are better for outdoor uses, so does the ink. Some others are better for indoors. Some can handle extreme heat better, some can handle lower temperatures more than other paper stock and ink. You have to always know which one is right, not which one is the best compared to the others.

3. Finishes

Adding finishes come later after the stickers are printed. However, this is also important. And the decision of finishes can depend on the type of paper stock and ink that you use as well. Some paper stock doesn’t support a certain type of finish. You have to know which is compatible with each so that you can get durable stickers instead of ruining its quality by using sticker finishes that isn’t right.

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