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Pay More Attention to These 5 Things in Making and Sending Wedding Invitation Cards

by Nas Azra

One of the most precious moments in life is when you share your beautiful and sacred wedding moment with the people you loved and cared for. They can be your parents, family, and friends. So, to inform them to come to your wedding, invitation card prints is something that can’t be missed! But should we send them printed invitation cards? Yes! Even if you can send invitations to your family and friends on social media or email, the card gives different impressions. The main thing that makes a printed invitation card essential is the impression that you officially invite the recipient and hope them to attend your wedding. Besides, the card can be accessed by anyone including older people who are usually not very familiar with the technology. 

Well, if you are thinking about making wedding invitation cards, there are a few things that you need to pay more attention to. So, here is the list! 

1. Pay More Attention When Making A Guest List 

Your first step in creating an invitation card begins when you start compiling your guest list. You can’t underestimate the process of compiling the list since it is not as easy as it looks. You can’t decide all the names on the guest list by yourself, so you should discuss it with your partner. Besides, it will be better for you to ask your parents or future in-law about the person they want to invite too. So, pay more attention to the way how you divvy the percentage of the guest list both for you and your fiancé, the parents too. 

2. Time! 

Knowing the time for starting to compile the guest list and finalize it, when you need to order invitations, and when you will send them is another point that needs to pay attention to. So, here are some steps and time that you need to know about that! 

  • 12 – 9 months, you can start to compile a guest list 
  • 8 – 6 months, finalize the guest list 
  • 5-4 months, it’s time to order your invitation cards 
  • 6-8 weeks, all invitations are ready to send out! 

3. Quantity 

You decide how many people you want to invite to your wedding. So, knowing the number of guests is something mandatory for you. When it comes to making wedding invitation cards, you definitely need that too! So, the quantity of the order is the next thing that you have to pay more attention to. 

4. Material and Size of Invitation Cards 

Why should card material and size be the next thing we should pay attention to? The answer is because both of them are two aspects that affect the price of the invitation cards. So, for those who want to minimize the expenses that need to pay for the invitation cards, paying more attention to size and material will help you get a lower price. 

5. Name and Address 

How do you feel when you see your name spelled wrong? That’s not good, right? Then, don’t do that to anyone else! Pay attention to the name of the recipient is absolutely important! But that’s not all since you have to make sure that you write their address correctly. So, please pay more attention and do double-check the name and address of the recipient before sending the invitation.

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