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How to become a Graphic Designer

by Audrey Rehbein

All renowned designers began in similar ways- with an idea. The question remains, where do you start? How do you move from having an idea about graphic design to a successful career in graphic design service? This article will guide you through the early steps of training and learning. So you will possess the essential skillsets, knowledge, and tools to develop a meaningful career with longevity.

It all begins from high school. Take photography, printing, drawing, and painting classes in high school. Also, take computer classes that will expose you to web designs, programming, and computer graphics. These classes will give you a strong foundation that you can utilize while building a graphic designing career. However, if you are above high school level, keep reading! You still have opportunities to learn graphic design.

Study on your own: Type in “graphic design courses syllabus” in your search engine. You will be surprised at the number of results you’ll get. Download three to four syllabi of colleges and professors. Read up on the learning objectives, pick up textbooks from the library, or purchase them to meet those objectives. Alternatively, Watch tutorials online via Hack Design, YouTube, Illustration guide, and several other websites.

Take introductory courses: An introductory course offers you the necessary theoretical understanding of colors, layouts, and typography. Although the earlier approach is cost-effective, getting a degree or certification may provide you with numerous advantages while applying for jobs. You can also enroll in online graphic design courses on Udemy, Coursera, Edx, etc.

You can also take introductory courses at a local college. Visit your local community college and enquire about the graphic design related courses they offer. Again, ask if they provide any training certificates. You can also obtain an associate’s degree at the local community college. By acquiring this degree, you will be able to hone your design skills. Associate degrees focus solely on using graphic design software such as Corel draw, adobe photoshop, and adobe illustrator.

Acquire a bachelor of art in graphic design: A bachelor’s degree often requires four years to obtain. Through the program, you will learn all the essential information and skills to be successful as a graphic designer. You will also specialize in areas; such as typography, website design, branding and advert, logo design, web production, user experience design, product repackaging and packaging, and desktop publishing if you obtain a bachelor’s degree. That gives you an edge over other candidates when applying for a job.

Take additional classes: such as business, writing, and drawing classes. The ability to write and draw are essential skills for any graphic designer. Furthermore, learn how to market your services by taking up marketing and communication classes. If you intend to be a freelancer, take up some other entrepreneurial business classes as well. You may enroll in these classes on a course by course basis at a local community college. Additionally, take them as a part of your bachelor’s or associate degree.

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