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Flyer for Advertising: Advantages and Disadvantages

by Kelly Tan

Did you know that flyer printing in Singapore is one of the most popular low cost alternatives to marketing? It is mainly thanks to its affordable price and also various benefits that people can get from choosing it as their assistance in reaching a larger market range. Despite its effectiveness, it is not always good. Of course, flyers have several disadvantages too. If you are interested in promoting with a flyer, you have to learn about both of its advantages and disadvantages and think of ways to work around its limitations so that you can make it a marketing campaign that is worth the money.

First, let’s go over its advantages.

1. Cost

As mentioned before, the production cost for a flyer is lower than many other marketing tools. What’s even greater is that the price may go even lower if you order flyers in a large quantity. A flyer is perfect to use for newly started businesses with limits in the budget, especially for marketing.

2. Easy to Produce

You can simply get a flyer by designing it and handing in the design to a printing service. Then, you can decide the size you want, the type of paper you want, and the quantity. All you have to do is wait while the printing service produces it the way you desire and then you’ll have it. It does not require too much planning. You can produce your flyer anytime and distribute it whenever you want. It only takes a short time to produce and it is easy to make changes to the design and other decisions regarding the flyer as well.

3. Easy to Understand

Since ideally flyers only consist of simple key information regarding a promotion, it is easy to understand in a quick second. Flyers can really deliver the message effectively and reach people in a simple way. You can even make it simpler by using infographics that are not only interesting but also much easier to understand especially for ones who are not very fond of reading a certain amount of texts.

Next, let’s read about the few disadvantages that you may encounter when using a flyer as a marketing tool.

1. Easily Dismissed

People tend to not really pay attention to flyers even if one gets handed to them. You can minimize the chance of this happening by making sure that you come up with an interesting headline that piques people’s interests.

2. Short Term Impact

Since it is not repetitive marketing or advertisement, it is likely that people will forget about what they read in the flyer especially if they aren’t interested in it. You can try including a call to action sentence at the end of your flyer to make sure that if someone is interested in what you are promoting, they will immediately take action. For example, tell them to call you now, start today, or get the product immediately. Remember that you also have to include clear contact information so that they can reach you easily whenever they want.

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