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Bringing Your Ideas To Life

by Jamaine Mowad

Every excellent graphic design service started with an important piece of ideas. However, ideas are not the only element; they are just like catalysts that launch and speed up the graphic design process. Having an idea is fantastic, but how can you set it in motion? Keep reading!

1. Create a creative brief

A creative Brief dictates the tone of the entire graphic design process; it is a road map that you will follow throughout your designing process. Therefore, it is the first and undoubtedly an essential step in the design process.

A creative brief is a document that aims to help you understand the scope of the idea you intend to work on and those things that you intend to achieve from the design. A creative brief should contain information such as the target audience, budget, timeline, what the end product should be (eBook, Flier, Business card, etc.), examples of similar designs, including those you do not like.

2. Conduct graphic design research

Depending on the scope of the design, include as much valuable information in your creative brief as to reduce the time spent on this process. However, even with an idea, it is still of considerable importance for you to go through the research phase to have a more comprehensive understanding of the audience you are designing for-and how to achieve the set goals.

The research phase often involves processes like checking out what your target audiences engage on different channels, knowing who they are, looking at similar designs, and using this knowledge by applying them to the design project at hand.

3. Determine your style and tone

Analyze the idea and conclude about the tone and style it falls under. Is it a contemporary or traditional design? Is the tone a friendly or authoritative one? Do you want it complex or straightforward? Static or innovative? These are the questions you should ask and set your ideas into motion with the answers.

4. Sketch

Now is the time to pull your ideas together. Call me old school, but I still believe sketching is a vital part of every design process. Here is a mistake that most designers make today; they just move right from the creative brief to their computer and limit themselves to the graphic design software tools. They end up spending the most time on details and neglect the concept. From experience, sketches often end up becoming your golden tickets.

5. Refine your concept

After you’ve had fun sketching and trying out ideas, the next step is to move on to your computer and refine your sketches into something presentable. If you are working for a client, hopefully, you’ll create something they will love. Begin with a little bit of self-critique. Evaluate your designs so far and check if it is still in line with your creative brief as it is in #1. Does it apply to your target audience? Does it stand out among competitions? On answering these questions, and other relevant ones, go back to your design software and start tinkering again until it looks perfect.

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