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Basic Tips for Name Card Design

by Audrey Rehbein

As an entrepreneur, you can’t dismiss the importance of creating a strong relationship with beneficial companies or clients so that you can always gradually grow your business over the years. One of the most critical things in creating meaningful business relationships is through name card printing in singapore. You should always make a number of name cards so that you can have it ready when you need to give out your contact information toward anyone you deem relevant to your line of work.

Even though name cards sound like an unsophisticated technology that is getting regarded less and less, it is actually still very important especially in interviews of formal business, even internationally.

There’s a certain need for a good name card design to make sure that it is engaging, able to create strong enough impact and convince people to try out our business.

If you are trying to create your own name card design, here are several tips that you can remember as you design. They are standard, very beginner level, in fact, but I find that they’re helpful.

1. Input only the important information

With the limited space of your name card, you have to make it count. It doesn’t mean that you should put text all over the design of the name card. Keeping a design clean and straightforward is really important as it doesn’t confuse the readers. One of the most common mistakes that people do is that they try to stuff everything into the design and end up with fonts too small to make sure that everything makes it into the printing area while in actuality this isn’t at all good. Not only that it will create trouble for the printing staff, but it also makes your name card not look good.

2. Make sure of its legibility

People tend to forget that they have to check the legibility of the name card for the people who read them. The most common mistake is the wrong choice of fonts and size. Avoid using overly stylized name card font, at the very least. Some people may think that the more interesting a font is, then the better it is while in actuality this way of thinking is often proved wrong as fancy fonts tend to cause misunderstanding, thus the not effective sales or promotions. Using simple fonts that are easy to read is the way to go. The amount of information included in the name card design must all be able to be seen easily, so before you go to the printing service, make sure that all the texts can be easily read without the help of other tools.

3. Choose a paper stock

There are many different kinds of paper stocks for name card printing. You have to remember that they usually differ in weight, making some thicker than others. Thicker papers usually are more friendly for other finishes such as laminating. Some types of paper stock are too thin or too flexible and it takes extra effort to pint them into something physical. There’s no definite proper card stock or paper stock, make sure that you just adjust it with your budgets and desired outcome.

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