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Avoid These 4 Things When Making Stickers for Window Displays!

by Jamaine Mowad

Apart from retaining existing customers, in developing a business, people need to acquire new customers. One of many ways’ entrepreneurs do to develop their business is to attract the attention of the people. There are numerous ways to attract people’s attention, from having a unique slogan or even contracting a famous actress or actor to become a brand ambassador. But one of the simplest and most affordable things that applied by many of business in attracting people is to use stickers on their storefronts. But even though this method is applied by many people, some of their stickers do not really work. Here are some reasons why their stickers are not good enough for window displays that you should avoid doing the same things when making yours! 

1. Ineffective Design and Information 

Too much information or design on a sticker is not recommended. First, the information and design can cover the back display that supposed to be seen by people. Second, enormous information and designs will not make people notice or even interested. So, keeping designs and information simple and effective is the right decision when it comes to creating stickers for window displays. 

2. Small Size and Intricate Font Type 

Your effort, time, and money for making stickers will be useless if there are some words that difficult to read by everyone. Why are some words hard to read? There are lots of things that lead the words hard to read, but some of the reasons are because the words have small font size and intricate font type. Small font won’t make people easily notice and read the information on the stickers. So, if you make a sticker to grab people attention, then be ready to be failed as the small font size only increases the chance of failing. Then about the intricate font types, people may not be interested in reading about some of the information on your stickers that can’t be read by them easily. So, to avoid that, make sure you choose the perfect size and type of font which everyone can read easily! 

3. Typo 

Usually, the stickers that are applied to the storefront are large. Can you imagine how if there any typo on the sticker? People may notice it easily since it is printed on a big scale. As a result, you may need to reprint new stickers and spend more money on them. So, if you don’t want that happen, do typographical error checking before asking a sticker printing service to print your designs. That will not take a lot of times, so you should do that! 

4. Selected the Wrong Printing Service 

Many people just find a sticker printing service based on the price without considering other things such as print quality. As a result, the quality of printouts is questionable. If the sticker fails or doesn’t meet their expectations, then another cost must be prepared for reprinting the sticker. To minimize that risk, you have a responsibility to make sure that your stickers are well printed. Besides you need to find a printing service that offers competitive rates, you also need to find out if are they specialist in sticker printing and producing quality prints or not? Print quality will determine the result of your stickers, that is why you need to choose it carefully.

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