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Art and Illustration Purely for Graphic Design. Telling a good story is key

by Kelly Tan

Some people might say that graphic design and illustration are the same and most cases they are totally right.

Of course, there are some pivotal differences between the two and in this article, we will talk more about art, illustration and how it blends with graphic design for almost anything.

Designers are the people who create a visual illustration to solve problems, to communicate, to expose something in the best way possible to customers, potential clients and people in general.

The art they create comes in all sizes and all shapes, as we have learned before. It can be done with marketing campaigns, advertising tricks, TV shows, environmental graphic design techniques and so much more. The possibilities are endless.

The main mission of graphic art is to tell a story, to engage more people and make them feel something.

Great marketing specialists and graphic designers are working side by side to create some colossal strategies by which they will not only engage people but turn them into customers. It might sound a bit obvious and indeed it is – that’s the leading factor of running a successful business.

Art and illustration are the foundation of a great graphic design campaign. The designers are making sure they can tell a story, engage with visual effects, colours, interactions, logos, slogans, and last but not least, a message to pass.

If you are wondering how big of an impact art has to do in graphic design, here are some areas in which it is a must:

  • Patterns for textiles
  • Clothing Design
  • Motion Graphics
  • Books, graphic novels, comics, magazines, etc
  • Music albums art, covers, posters merchandise
  • Technical illustrations

And this can include many other areas you would think about.  The impact in fine arts, animation, architecture and other parts is simply amazing.

Now it is the right time to say that graphic designers are artists as well. They blend, try and combine multiple techniques and inspirations to create something that can grasp the mind of the viewer. Even, some of the most notable graphic designers in the world create designs that stand the test of time and people in later decades are learning from them.

As graphic design starts even before B.C, we can say one of the most notable designers are inventors. You can even put Leonardo Da Vinci and Nikola Tesla in this category because they simply changed the world we view today.

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