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7 Things That Make the Ads Banner Failed to be Noticed By People

by Kelly Tan

 Advertising is one of the keys to increasing the level of sales. Because of that, advertisement becomes essential in a business. There is various way to do advertising. You may find it often on television, social media, newspaper, magazine, and more. But, do you know about the ads banner? Most people might have already seen the banner before. It is used widely, easy to make and print, that’s why you will find it easily around you. Maybe in the mall, exhibition, cafe, and many other places. 

Ads banner should be able to attract people’s attention. So, when you decide to make ads banner, you need to avoid the things that cause the banner failed to be noticed by people. But, what kind of things should be avoided? Just keep reading, because you’ll find the answer below!

1. Poor Quality of Printing

This is the first thing that can make ads banner failed. The quality of printing determines the appearance of the ads banner. If it is printed with good quality printing, the banner will look the same as its digital design. You don’t need to be worry that you’ll get a blurry and washed-out color ads banner. Because of that, choose the trusted also experienced banner printing will avoid you to get the bad-looking result. One of the choices that meet the criteria is banner printing in Singapore.  

2. The Design That Not Appealing to Look At

People won’t be focused their attention on the ads banner until it has a unique design. They may look the banner at first, but they won’t pay attention and read every word on the banner then. That’s why unattractive design is absolutely not allowed for the ads banner design. So, you can handle this by finding out some of the ads banner references on the internet. By doing this, you can identify the important aspect from the references to create an appealing design for your ads banner.

3. Boring Headline

Ads banner can be failed to notice because the headline is not interesting enough. “We serve hot chocolate here” is not something that will be enough to make a lot of people think to stop and see the banner. So, the headline must be more catchy and provoke the curiosity to make people notice about it.  

4. The Use of Monotone Color

Your banner may be failed to be noticed because the color is too monotone. Try to choose the bright and contrast color to design the ads banner. By doing this, the banner can be more stand out and easy to attract people to see it!

5. The Wrong Font Type and Size

Never set the font scale to become too small because it will make the banner hard to read. Also, the wrong font type can make it more worst. We can call it wrong because it doesn’t match for use on ads banner since it can make people take more effort and time to understand it.

6. Too Much Information

Don’t try to make the ads banner become an encyclopedia. No one will be interested to read the information on the banner or even to notice it. So, it would be better if you just put the main information on it. Also, make sure that you validate the information before you include it on the banner.

7. Placed in the Unstrategic Area

Ads banner can work optimally if its place in a certain area, such as in a high-foot traffic area. Because of that, the banner becomes easier to notice! But, if the banner place in the opposite location, people will find it hard to notice or maybe they have no idea about the existence of the ads banner at all.

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