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4 Things That Prove Postcards Are Versatile!

by Claudia Martin

Are you familiar with postcards? Have you ever received the card even in this technological era? Postcards are small cards with an illustrator or photograph in front of it. The card is used not only by individuals but also by companies and organizations. The card is widely applied for several reasons, and one of them is because of its versatility. To find out more about that, here are a few applications that prove the versatility of postcards!  

1. An Alternative Way to Communicate in This Digital Era 

So, on this first point, we know that postcard is a medium to communicate. Today, as people became more addicted to the speed of instant messaging, then postcard are become rarely used. However, since most people use instant messaging or e-mail to communicate, then postcards can be an alternative way to make our communications more fun and memorable! By sending postcards, people can show their care and attention on it! Besides, it can create more smiles and memories for the recipient. Also, postcard can make communication even more personal!  

2. Postcards Can Be Souvenirs 

After we talked about how postcards can be an alternative way of communicating, at this point we will talk about postcards as souvenirs! For some people, postcards are a low-cost choice for souvenirs to give to family and friends. Or some of them also make it as their collection after visiting a new place. The advantage of having this card as a souvenir is that you don’t have to prepare a large space to put the card in your baggage or bag since this item is easy to carry around! Also, as a souvenir, most people will choose postcards with beautiful photos or illustrations that represent or symbolize the place they are visiting!  

3. Another Option for Substituting Greeting Cards 

So, postcards can be used as greeting cards! This is another thing that proves postcards are versatile. People can substitute the application of greeting cards with postcards on special occasions, such as Christmas, birthdays, graduations, or others. But what will be different from using postcards as greeting cards? Postcards are simpler because when people want to send them, they don’t have to use envelopes or sticker labels for that! 

4. You Can Make the Card as A Marketing Tool!  

Have you ever received a postcard with an offer or voucher on it? That is postcard marketing! After some of the points previously discussed, now we are talking about postcards as a marketing tool. Actually, this is one of the marketing methods that use postcards to inform their offers, new products or services, and other information about their business to their specific target audiences. This method is a great choice for businesses that are looking for effective and affordable marketing materials. Usually, most companies will make their card in bulk and print them at a printing service such as postcard printing in Singapore to make the cost per piece of card is cheaper!

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