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4 Pieces of the Main Information You Must Read Before Using a Common Seal!

by Nas Azra

It must be familiar for you to see the signature and stamp on various types of documents. Do you know what it means when a signature and stamp are used on a document? Perhaps, you will answer that both are used as a symbol of approval. Yes, that is right! But, how about the common seal? Have you used or known it before? If you have no idea about the common seal, that is normal since its application is limited to only a few types of documents. So, you may find it rare to see the common seal affixed on documents.  

Before we talk more about the common seal, do you know what is it actually? The common seal is an embossed mark that affixed on a document as a symbol of the company or organization in ratifying and verifying documents. As mentioned in the latest paragraph, only a few document types can be applied using it. But, what kind of document? Is it necessary to use it on specific documents? To get the answer to those questions, now it’s time for us to talk more about the common seal. 

1. Why Is the Common Seal Used? 

Authenticity is essential, especially for high-level documents. Years back, people used signatures and stamps as symbols of approval and authenticity. But now, signatures and stamps can be easier to be forged and imitate. Can you imagine the consequences when high-level documents are being forged? It can be a nightmare! Because of that risk, a common seal is used to minimize the forgery of high-level documents. Other than a symbol of authenticity, in some countries, the use of the seal on certain documents is still mandatory. Even if in your country, there is no such requirement about it, having a seal will is a good option if one day your company has an international business with an overseas company. 

2. Who Can Access It? 

Don’t ever think that everyone in the company or organization can access it easily. Only the board of directors that can access it, and it is kept under the board of secretaries or management committees. For using it, there are few rules that should be followed to make it legal. So, the application of the seal must be seen by two officers as witnesses. Also, both of the officers should be signed on the documents. 

3. How and Where Can We Get It? 

You won’t be offered the seal by the secretary of the state. So, you have to get it by yourself! Usually, the office supply retailer offers a common seal. But, to have a good seal, you need to find a trusted office supply retailer or a specialist common seal maker such as a common seal in Singapore for it! 

4. Differences 

Sometimes, people get confused about the difference between a company stamp and a common seal. Both tools show the name of the company, logo, and perhaps registration number. But what makes them different? First of all, as mentioned before, the use of a seal is limited only for vital documents, but the application of the stamp is not as strict as the seal. Then, if you’ve seen stamps and seals before, you should know that they look completely different, except for the detailed information on it. The stamp uses ink to create a mark on a document, but the embossed mark on the seal can be created by using a wax or sticker. 

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